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We aren't just passengers . . . we are all part of the crew!

At Inspire, you will hear us refer to each other as crew. We believe that the best approach to learning is in a collaborative fashion where teachers set the course and the entire class works together as a crew to accomplish our aims and goals. This student-centric approach to education is part of the unique dynamic of Inspire Academy.


What does that look like? Let’s take a moment and talk about what students experience at Inspire Academy.


At Inspire Academy we support each other’s learning, leadership and service by building a community where everyone can take risks to learn and grow in new ways.     One of our EL Education core practices is developing structures for knowing students well. We call this structure “crew.”


Each crew is assigned responsibilities and participates in team building activities. We also follow the idea that, as a community, we are all responsible for each other. There is often collaboration between grades in the learning process and we take time each week to share our learning at Community Circle

Community Circle       

We meet as a school community once a week to share and showcase our learning and to strengthen our community. Every Community Circle begins with dancing. Students who have shown excellent in the 10 Design Principles or the Habits of Scholarship are honored and celebrated periodically. Various crews lead the Community Circle. Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Academic Life

At Inspire Academy, we place high expectations on student achievement and give them the supports they need to meet those expectations. We use an inquiry-based, interdisciplinary approach to learning with a focus on arts integration and character-building. We believe that the world is our classroom, and our students also work on site at museums, cultural centers, scientific institutions, libraries, and universities, and outside in nature, as well as in the school.


In addition to academic skills, we build a strong sense of social and community responsibility. We believe our students can take an active part in investigating and contributing to solutions addressing community issues. Inspire students are trained to become individuals who challenge and improve the world around them.


Norms, Not Rules

At Inspire Academy, we focus on the “do’s,” not the “don’t’s.” Norms are what we should normally do, the expectations within a classroom. Rules tend to focus on what we shouldn’t do.



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